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Essential Oils

Essential Oils contain the oil soluble volatile components of the plant that are extracted during the steam distillation process.

Our products are products from sustainably harvested Native plants of Canada, and are 100% pure, produced with nothing but plant material and potable water.


Hydrosol means 'suspension of particles in water'. Hydrosol contains all of the water soluble components of the plant, and is most often sold as a biproduct to essential oil production.


Our hydrosol has not been separated, and still contains small quantities of essential oil in each bottle, so you are getting 100% of what comes from the plant all in one handy spray bottle!

Wax Melts

Simply pure soy wax infused with pure essential oils to an essential oil concentration of roughly 6%. 

Use in your favourite melter, the same way you would use other wax melt products! The only difference is these wax melts are made with 100% all natural ingredients.

Gift Sets

We have 3 gift set options available, so you can gift the gift of self care to those you care about! 

Enjoy our entire product line in one handy gift set, or get the family involved with our Do It Yourself gift set. We also have a package available to purchase your favourite scent three different ways! One bottle of pure essential oil, one package of wax melts, and a handy room/ linen freshener!

Product List

Hydrosol Products:

Wild Mint (Mentha arvensis) Hydrosol:

  • Invigorating and uplifting minty smell

  • Beautiful for a lightly fragrant air/room/linen freshener

  • Stimulating scent is great as a pick me up or morning sprits (spray on hairbrush or sprits on like body spray)

  • Very cooling and refreshing when used topically – great during or after workouts, hot flashes etc.

  • Helps reduce bloating and indigestion by spraying on abdomen

wild mint.jpg
garden yarrow.png

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Hydrosol:

  • Calming/balancing plant with herbaceous, spicy scent

  • Shielding from external emotions and energies

  • Excellent for supporting hormonal balance surrounding menstrual cycles (Apply to abdomen)

  • Amazing anti-itch and skin soothing properties – Apply to bug bites, stings, sun burns etc. to relieve itch

Wild Rose (Rosa spp.) Hydrosol:

  • Mood enhancing smell of roses (Light fragrance)

  • Helps tone, tighten, and cleanse the skin with its astringent properties

  • Use as an air freshener, body spray, setting spray, cleanser, toner, make-up brush spray etc.

  • Soothing to sunburns and itchy/dry skin

Rose Petals.jpg
Balsam Poplar Bud.jpg

Balsam Poplar (Populus balsamifera) Hydrosol:

  • Smokey / Sweet scent that often reminds people of spring and is said to be a mood booster

  • Very soothing for sore muscles and inflamed joints

  • Use as an air freshener or linen spray, or spray on topically for its soothing qualities

Essential Oils and Wax Melt Products:

Black Spuce Trees.jpg

Black Spruce (Picea mariana) Essential Oil:

  • High in Bornyl Acetate, it is a great oil for relaxation, stress relief/calming, and promoting sleep

  • Great airway opening qualities

  • Soothing to skin, muscles and joints when applied topically

  • Use during meditation or yoga to increase feelings of connection and grounding, or during messages to increase calm and relaxation.

Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana) Essential Oil

  • Uplifting and refreshing scent that has almost citrus like qualities to it

  • High in Alpha and Beta Pinene, this is a great stimulating oil that helps promote alertness and focus

  • Great airway opening qualities

  • Soothing to skin, muscles and joints when applied topically

Jack Pine.jpg
Balsam Fir.jpg

Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea) Essential Oil

  • Crisp and pungent, woodsy smell, often reminds people of Christmas time or Christmas trees

  • Mix with a carrier oil to use in a chest rub for congestion or in a roller for sore muscles and joints

  • Makes a great air freshener when mixed with water, or in a diffuser; creates an energetic and lively environment.

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