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Essential Oils

About Essential Oils and Hydrosol

Safety First

IMPORTANT NOTE: Essential Oils are highly concentrated, and although they are derived from 100% natural plant material, the compounds contained in the oils can still have harmful effects on the end user. Consult a healthcare professional before using essential oils or hydrosol if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Take caution when using essential oils around babies, infants, kids, pets etc. and never leave oils where they may be misused or accidentally consumed by children or pets. If using oils topically, always test a small area before use to ensure no adverse reaction occurs. Canadian Flora Essential Oils are produced in a stainless steel food grade still, but they are intended for external use only and should not be consumed or taken internally. Keep oil away from eyes, ears and other sensitive areas. If irritation occurs the oil should be diluted/washed off the skin using a vegetable oil, as water may intensify the sensation. 

Herbal Oils
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Make your own body rollers / massage oil infused with essential oil! Simply add 5-10 drops of your favourite oil to a roller bottle or dropper bottle and add vegetable oil to fill such as avocado or olive oil. 


Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by diffusing essential oils in the home/office. Did you know your wax melter can be used for pure essential oils as well? Just add water then a few drops of oil before lighting!

Bath Salts

Infuse bath salts with essential oils and enjoy a beautiful 'nature bath'! Simply add drops of oil to a container of salts to your desired smell, then add to bath and enjoy!


Aromatherapy jewelry is a fantastic way to take your scents with you all day! Just add a drop or two of oil to the jewelry and enjoy the scent as you go about your day! 

You can even just add drops of oil to cotton balls or felt pads and throw them in your gym bag, purse, car, drawers, closets etc. to keep all of your things smelling fresh!

Ways to Use Essential Oils


  1. Ultrasonic Diffusers – drops of oil are added to a reservoir containing water, which is then diffused throughout the room.

  2. Wax melters – Drops oil are added to wax and the wax is melted using a wax melter style of diffuser. This style of diffuser can be used even without wax, just add water where you would normally place the wax melt, then add 3-5 drops of oil and enjoy as you would with the wax melts!

  3. Reed Diffusers – oil is diluted and added to a container, the reeds are inserted in the solution and draw the fragrance up and into the room.

  4. In a bath or shower – add drops of oil to a bath or even to the bottom of a shower to enjoy during bathing.

  5. In a warm bowl of water – add drops of oil to a warm bowl of water. The user can even use a towel to cover their head as they lean over the bowl to inhale the scent.

  6. Room sprays/linen sprays – dilute drops of oil in a spray bottle and use as a room freshener spray, or spray onto linens, furniture, carpets etc.

  7. On aromatherapy jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. – there are endless options to choose from!

  8. On cotton balls - Place drops of oil on cotton ball and place in vents, gym bags, drawers or other areas to improve the smell.

  9. On eye or neck compresses – add drops of oil to eye or neck compress to enjoy the scent of oil while using your compress. Note: if adding oil to an eye compress make sure to place oil in an area that will not come into direct contact with the eyes (e.g. on the corners of the compress)

  10. Simply inhale right from the bottle! – a quick smell right from the bottle or add a couple of drops to the palms of the hands and cup to inhale. This is a simple way to enjoy the benefits of your essential oil without having to have any fancy diffusers.


  1. Directly applied to skin (e.g. during massage) – oil should always be tested on a small patch of skin before using on a large area to ensure no adverse reaction occurs. Most oils should be diluted with a carrier (vegetable) oil prior to application, as they contain concentrated compounds that could irritate the skin when applied at full strength.

  2. Used in a roller or salve – oil can be added to a roller bottle and diluted with carrier oil to be applied to the skin, or added to a salve to be applied (e.g. chest rubs, foot creams etc.)

  3. Used as perfume – dilute in a spray bottle with water and a natural emulsifier such as salt and this can be sprayed on clothing as a perfume

Ways to Use Hydrosol

 Hydrosol is the water component of the distillation, and is essentially a suspension of plant compounds in water. The hydrosol is much less concentrated than the essential oil of the same plant, and often does not have the characteristic smell that we associate with the plant. The hydrosol produced by Canadian Flora has not had the essential oil fully removed, so we are able to offer hydrosol that smells very comparable to the mother plant material. We produce a wild rose, yarrow and a wild mint hydrosol with this method, and below are some tips on how to use these products!

1. As a room freshener / linen spray / mask spray/ yoga mat or workout equipment spray

2. Topically for relief of sore muscles, joints, varicose veins (spray on sore area).

3. Topically onto abdomen to support digestion, relieve feelings of bloating and gas after a big meal. 

4. Aromatically for emotional support or to promote focus and clearing of the mind. Yarrow has amazing balancing qualities in terms of its energetic characteristics, and the mint is uplifting and helps promote focus and a clear mind. 

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