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Balsam Fir Essential Oil

Balsam Fir Essential Oil

Balsam FirAbies balsamea

Origin: Manitoba, Canada

Distilled Part: Needles and Twigs

Distillation Type: Steam Distillation

Organoleptic Qualities: Clear liquid, woodsy balsamic smell

Components: β-Pinene 28-38%, α-Pinene 14-22%, Limonene 9-20%, δ3-Carene 4-20%, β-Phellandrene 3-12%, Bornyl acetate 3-10%, Camphene 3-7%


This crisp and woodsy scent is sure to invigorate the senses! High in α-Pinene and β-Pinene, this oil is great for mental clarity and promoting focus. It is also a great one to have on hand for massaging sore muscles and joints, or even for using as a chest rub when feeling congested. Its distinct scent may remind you of Christmas trees, as this tree is commonly used as such due to it’s beautiful shape and soft needles.


Balsam Fir Essential Oil Uses:


  • When used aromatically, Balsam fir oil is a rejuvenating and uplifting scent that provides renewed energy and acts as a stimulant to the mind and body.
  • When inhaled it has been shown to have expectorant effects, helping to reduced mucus build up in the sinuses or airways and providing an airway opening effect for most users.


  • Balsam fir oil has a warming and soothing effect when applied topically. It has been shown to have soothing properties when used on irritated skin and can be used on sore areas of the body to promote relaxation of the affected area. NOTE: Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to a small test patch of skin before use.


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