Jack Pine Essential Oil or Wax Melts

Jack Pine Essential Oil or Wax Melts

Wax Melts - 50g package

Essential Oil - 5ml bottle


Jack Pine Essential Oil has a sweet and fruity aroma, different from the woodsy scent of the black spruce and balsam fir. Its chemical components are similar to those found in fresh cut grass, so the scent of the oil often provides people with a refreshing and mood uplifting effect. Our Jack Pine material comes from a beautiful pine forest near Bellsite Manitoba.

Jack Pine Uses:


  • Jack pine oil has an invigorating scent that is uplifting to the user and can help promote deeper breathing by providing an airway opening effect.


  • Jack pine oil can be used topically on sore areas of the body to help promote muscle relaxation. NOTE: Dilute with carrier oil and test on a small patch of skin before use.