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Jack Pine Essential Oil

Jack Pine Essential Oil


Jack PinePinus banksiana

Origin: Manitoba Canada

Distilled Part: Twigs and Needles

Distillation Type: Steam Distillation

Organoleptic Qualities: Pale yellow liquid, fresh piney smell

Components: α-Pinene 45-60 %, β-Pinene 8-14 %, Limonene 4-15%, Bornyl acetate 4-10 %, δ3-Carene 4-10 %, Camphene 1-6 %


The dominant components of Jack Pine Essential Oil are Alpha + Beta Pinene, and Limonene, all of which contribute to the uplifting and refreshing scent of the jack pine oil. These compounds are said to have stimulating effects on the body, making it great to use throughout the day to help promote focus and alertness. The aroma of the jack pine oil is much sweeter and less woodsy than other conifer tree oils, so it compliments citrus oils nicely for a beautiful invigorating diffuser blend.


Jack Pine Uses:


  • Jack pine oil has an invigorating and almost fruity scent that is uplifting to the user and can help promote deeper breathing and mental clarity by providing an airway opening effect.


  • Jack pine oil can be used topically on sore areas of the body to help promote muscle relaxation and combat inflammation. NOTE: Dilute with carrier oil and test on a small patch of skin before use.
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