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Black Spruce Essential Oil

Black Spruce Essential Oil


Black Spruce - Picea mariana

Origin: Manitoba, Canada

Distilled Part: Needles and Twigs

Distillation Type: Steam Distillation

Organoleptic Qualities: Clear liquid, soft woodsy scent

Components: Bornyl acetate 18-25%, camphene 13-23%, α-pinene 16-24%, δ3-carene 6-12%, β-pinene 0-8.5%


The dominant component of black spruce essential oil is bornyl acetate, which is a compound known for its relaxing and sedative effects. This makes black spruce a popular choice for use during meditation, yoga or during bedtime routines to help promote sleep and relaxation. It’s sweet, woodsy scent will transport you into the comforting embrace of the deep woods of the Boreal Forest.  


Black Spruce Essential Oil Uses:


  • When used aromatically, black spruce oil has relaxing and stress relieving effects.
  • As with many coniferous tree oils, using black spruce oil aromatically can help support the respiratory system by providing airway opening effects.


  • Dilute with a carrier oil and use during a massage to help reduce stress and promote relaxation of the mind and body
  • Can be used topically on sore areas of the body to help promote muscle relaxation. NOTE: Dilute with carrier oil and test on small patch of skin before use.
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