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All of our products are produced from plants that are harvested right here in the Swan River Valley, Manitoba!


Since these products are all made from plants that we as Canadians already have some familiarity with, I find that we experience a much deeper sense of calm and connection when we use the scents in our daily lives. I just love seeing the excitement and enjoyment in a customer’s eyes when they recognize a scent from their childhood or from their memories in the bush. I feel like, these days, many of us are suffering from a lack of connection to the natural world, and through the use of locally produced essential oils and botanical products, we can find that connection again, without even leaving the house or office!

FIVE percent of every sale is donated to The Nature Conservancy of Canada, so you can feel good about every purchase!

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“We diffuse the balsam anytime we feel a cold coming on in our house! It helps us breath easy and get some rest, even when sick or congested.”

— Amanda

“I add a drop of oil to the vacuum filter so I freshen the house while I clean, and I use the mint spray on by bed every night!”

— Market Customer

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“We just love the yarrow, my daughter does permanent makeup tattooing, and she uses the yarrow to help heal the skin and relieve the itching for her clients!”

— Susan

“This is so cool that the plants are all harvested right here in the Valley! I see this plant all the time and never knew it had so many great properties!

— Market Customers

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RR2 Bowsman, Manitoba, Canada

1 (204) 731-1545

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